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4 stories and tips from Fathers at KSK Insurance.

by Human Resources, December 25, 2021

Photo By Human Resources

4 stories and tips from the Fathers at KSK Insurance. Let’s check out their tips and tricks of being a Father while working at KSK Insurance!


1. Manopat Sangrat (Ray), Messenger


My family has one son, Nong Khao-oat is 17 years old. I work as a messenger or the company's courier. I do the tasks assigned to My time management with my son varies from time to time. If it's during the semester in the morning, I'll send my son on the school shuttle. In the evening, I will call or text my son to ask him if he got home already or not. Activities to do together when we get home, we will sit, talk and share opinions or discuss among families. me to accomplish the goals. If it's the weekend, my son will go to play futsal. I will deliver and pick up my son. I will give him time to spend time playing sports. In addition, we will have activities to buy food together and let my son take part in cooking. And after that, we will help each other clean the house and do family activities together.  

My tips for Fathers and Mothers is that we should be our children's best friends. Supporting and listening to their opinion. Open opportunities for our children to be a Brave Person in the future.


2. Nawapun Cheewasawat (Beam), Motor Claims Assessor


My name is Beam, and I'm 27 years old. I am a single father. I have 1 daughter. Her name is Khao Fang, 9 years old. I've already explained to my children that I work as an Assessor Motor Claim but she doesn't understand what it is. Usually, when I come to work, Khao Fang stays with her grandfather, and we will meet after I finish work. On the weekend, I go to work as a swimming teacher. I will take Khao Fang with me. Or if we have a long holiday, we will travel together.


I raise my children as a friend. We can discuss anything. Let her try to do things on her own and let her learn that those things are right or wrong.


3. Sorasak Muphuttharuk (Fu), Project Manager


My family is a small family. My family members are me, my wife, and my son, he is 9 years old and is currently in grade 4. I told my son that I work as a Project Manager and he often notices that when I’m in a meeting or focusing on a document or computer. He will not interfere with me but if necessary, he would like to ask my permission first. I always tell him that everyone has a duty. Dad has a duty to work and he has a duty to study, so we must focus on doing his own duty the best.


Usually, my son and I are quite close to each other all the time. Before the Covid situation, I would drop him off at school every morning before I went to work. We will be able to talk at that time. But in the evening, it depends on the day because sometimes it's already evening before I arrive home, so maybe we don't eat together. Every weekend we will eat out or go out together, some places that he requested or some I want to take him to. I think Saturday and Sunday are quite a family time for my family. But when there is Covid situation, we can see each other all day just separate our rooms. I am working, he is studying online. We can eat together every meal. I think it’s a special opportunity to be closer together. But we rarely have the opportunity to go out like normal. Fortunately, his mother was the one who took care of his personal matters and I will support him more.


I'm not very strict about his studying. I just tell him that he should try to survive the study and find what he likes. I will continue to enhance other skills rather than academic matters. Personally, I feel that the world has changed very quickly. We can never know what will be needed in the next 5 or 10 years. Whether it's a matter of knowledge training or a career, for example, if you ask a child what they want to be you may hear that “Youtuber” or some profession that we are not familiar with.

So Apart from academic knowledge, I always teach my children how to live and practice in the present. What should he do if he encounters a challenging situation? I occasionally learn something new with him as well.


4. Tawatchai Onchaiya (Kan), Motor Claims Assessor


Hello, my family has only one child, a female. She is just 3 months old. While working from home, Me and my wife can manage our time better to take care of my baby. I have time to bathe and feed my baby before work and in the meantime my wife wash and dry the bottles. After my baby sleeps, I start my work. During the working hours, sometimes I take a walk to watch my baby. In the evening, my wife will be the one who takes a shower and dresses up our baby to prepare for bed.


My advice for raising babies is to be careful and give importance to cleanliness because babies have low immunity. It can easily cause fever and diarrhea.


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