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KSK Thailand moved to the new office to kickstart an open space culture to embrace digital and agile organization.

by KSK Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, March 31, 2021

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Bangkok, Thailand, April 2020 - At KSK Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“KSK Thailand”), we believe in an open culture. In order to transform ourselves for a fast-paced environment in the digital era, we need to foster our mindset and working culture for that. Here, we take culture seriously and our first bold step for this is to break down silo-ed departments and foster a more agile way of collaboration to meet market and consumers’ ever-changing needs. To foster an open culture, we start with the workspace layout where everyone will work in an open space and sit next to each other, with no partition. The management team is also sitting next to their squad, team members, to encourage open communication. There are no boundaries between any of us here.  

Also, we create more open space in the pantry area, people here can meet freely to discuss ideas across all functions. The new office also comes with multiple types of meeting rooms ranging from high chairs to the formal boardroom. We believe that working and meeting should have its own dynamic. Why do we have to stick with the traditional meeting room where you need to sit and talk if you can have a quick private discussion with the team leader while sipping coffee.  

We also force ourselves to be more digital by transforming all paperwork into e-document. It is not the easiest job for an insurance company to do so but we already started it and we believe we are going in the right direction. Security is still our core. We implemented the highest security to protect consumers data. We separate the high-security area from the working area and implement the high-security protocol. All data has been encrypted and the server is put in the secured room with backup for business continuity.  

Because our staffs are the core of our business. We are seriously considering our staff's convenience and welfare by providing free snacks, fruits and lunch. At KSK Thailand, we created an environment to encourage our people to work with freedom and responsibility because we believe everyone can make a difference.

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