KSK Insurance Products Commercial Lines Motor Insurance Standard Voluntary Motor Insurance

This product covers a full range of motor insurance needs, including
compulsory third party liability and voluntary motor insurance. All
this is yours at a very reasonable price.

• VOL 1 (Comprehensive Insurance Plan) will provide the full
   coverage to your car even when you have an accident with or
   without a third party vehicle or any damage to your car by
   any natural perils including flood, windstorm, or earthquake.

• VOL 2 (Third-Party, Fire and Theft)
plan will cover for damage
   caused to your car from third party liability, fire and also theft.

• VOL 3 (Third-Party only)
plan is ideal for those who only require
   the basic protection for liability against third party bodily injury
   and property damage. This is the cheapest voluntary insurance
   product for motor insurance.

• VOL 5 (Third-Party Insurance and Own Damage)
plan is the
   new hybrid policy as it provides coverage for your own damage
   as well as damage to a third party.


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