KSK Insurance Products Personal Lines Motor

Safety always comes first. And when you’re on the road, you want nothing less than the best protection for your passengers, your vehicle and, of course, yourself. KSK Insurance boasts an impressive suite of motor insurance products where you will surely find the package that fits you best.

Voluntary Motor Packages

Motor Insurance Coverage for the insured car Coverage for driver and passengers Third party liability Roadside service Deductible Starting price (THB)
Collision Theft/Fire Flood Total loss   PA Medical Expense Bail Bond Person Property
KSK Best Drive   13,500
KSK D-Dee   13,000
KSK Surprise 8,800
KSK Wow             1,999
KSK Happy Save               2,600
KSK 2+ Super Save       7,500
KSK 2+ E-Co Save       6,499
KSK 3+ Super Save           6,400
KSK 3+ E-Co Save         4,999

Compulsory Motor Insurance

•    Covers third party liability for bodily harm and injury    
•    Maximum limit of 200,000 Baht for the death of third party
•    Compensation to third party in the event of accident resulting in
     hospitalization of up to 200 Baht/day (maximum 20 days)